December Minutes 2022

RLE Chamber of Commerce and Civic League

Agenda for December 12, 2022

Open Session: 6:30 PM

Call to order: 6:43

Wendy Stirnaman, President (exp 2024)          x  
Tonia Silva, Treasurer (exp 2024)         x  
Gene Moore, Director (exp 2022)         x  
Cindel Pena, Director (exp 2023)        x 
Dan Welch, Director (exp 2022)         x  
Charlea Moore, Director (exp 2022)        x  
Cathy Scharf, Vice President (exp 2023)       x  
Anthony Silva, Director (exp 2024)       x  
Liliette Freeman, Director (exp 2023)       x  
    Present                  Excused                    Absent

Roll Call

Quorum Present:yes


LeeAnn Williams, Shirley Breckenridge, Stephen Freemen, John Todd, Viann Todd


President Opening Comments: none

Approval of the prior minutes: Charlea Motioned, Gene 2nd – motion passes

Treasurer’s Report and approval: Gene Motioned, Charlea 2nd – motion passes


Old Business

1.Grant Money: beautification projects (Tonia Silva) $40 for Chamber square Gene motioned, Charlea 2nd – motion passes

2. Santa Breakfast report (Charlea Moore) 200 + plates served, doubled from last year

New Business

1. Count Ballots and declare results of election. John Todd 21 votes, Dan Welch 19 votes, Stacy Bastian 14 votes, Charlea Moore 11 votes

2. Seat new directors. John, Stacy, Dan

3. Elections of President and Vice President Tonia nominated Wendy, Dan 2nd motion passes. Tonia nominates Cathy, Liliette 2nd – motion passes

4. Appointment of Secretary and Treasurer. Wendy appoints Tonia as treasurer, and LeeAnn as secretary

5. Business of the month (LeeAnn Williams) Tonia Silva Bookkeeper and tax preparer

6. Marketing (LeeAnn Williams) Pictures from recent Chamber events, work on a proposal for ads, Charlea to print brochures

7. Storage of Chamber documents (discussion) $200 to digitize files Dan motioned, Anthony 2nd , motion passes

Other Comments or Concerns

Director Comments: Tonia and Liliette spoke on success of Christmas Bazaar, Cathy spoke on Lifepointe Christmas fun, Stacy gave updates on Bob’s Blessings, John thanked Gene and Charlea for their service, and discouraged rescheduling the parade for new years.

Public Comments: none

Adjourn – 7:45 P.M.


Future Agenda Items-

Next Meeting is January 9th ,2023 at 6:30 P.M

Location- Depot Building 6730 Front St, Rio Linda, C.A. 95673

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