April 2024 RLE Chamber of Commerce and Civic League

Minutes for April 8th, 2024

Open Session: 6:30 P.M.

Call to order: 6:32

Roll CallPresentAbsent
Wendy Stirnaman, President (exp 2024)X          
Cathy Scharf, Vice President (exp 2025) X
Tonia Silva, Treasurer (exp2024)X 
Dan Welch, Director(exp2025)X 
Stacey Bastian, Director (exp 2025)X 
Anthony Silva, Director (exp 2024)X 
Liliette Freeman, Director (exp 2025) X
John Todd, Director (exp 2025)X 
Troy Golden, Director (exp 2025)X 

                                                             Quorum Present: YES


Katherine Shermer, ViAnn Todd, Sheena McGowan, Suzie Rathburn, LeeAnn Williams, Edwin

President Opening Comments: none

Approval of the prior minutes: Tonia motioned to accept minutes as presented, Stacey 2nd motion carries.

Treasurer’s Report and approval:  Stacey motioned to accept Treasures report as presented, Troy 2nd motion carries.

Old Business

1. City map cartoon (Committee)-

2. May Self Defense Class- 8 tickets sold, please share, purchase your tickets, Tonia motioned $50 for drinks, Wendy 2nd, motion carries.  

New Business

  1. Business of the Month(LeeAnn)- ABC Ready Mix
  2. Pledge (Wendy) Add to agenda before introductions.

Other Comments or Concerns-

Director Comments:  John- name tags coming tomorrow. Stacey- NNO is Aug 6th 5pm-8pm, RLHS pool.

Public Comments: Katherine- legion has events coming up, will send to LeeAnn to promote.



Future Agenda Items

Next Meeting is May 13, 2024, at 6:30 P.M

Location- Depot Building 6730 Front St, Rio Linda, C.A. 95673

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