January Minutes 2023 RLE Chamber of Commerce and Civic League

Minutes for January 9, 2023

Open Session: 6:30 PM

Call to order: 6:31

Wendy Stirnaman, President (exp 2024)           X
Cathy Scharf, Vice President (exp 2023)        X
Tonia Silva, Treasurer (exp 2024)        X
Cindel Pena, Director (exp 2023)         X
Dan Welch, Director (exp 2025)      X
Anthony Silva, Director (exp 2024)      X
Liliette Freeman, Director (exp 2023)      X
John Todd, Director (exp 2025)       X
Stacy Bastian, Director (exp 2025)       X
    Present                  Excused                    Absent

Roll Call

Quorum Present: Yes


LeeAnn Williams, Vianne Todd, Meghan Schaefer


President Opening Comments: None

Approval of the prior minutes: Tonia M, Anthony 2nd 

Cindel abstained

Treasurer’s Report and approval: Dan motioned, Lilieitte second

Old Business

1.Grant Money: beautification projects (Tonia Silva) Cathey to coordinate plants for Marvel Plaza, Lions to paint Papa Murpheys

(Business workshops, establish committees) 

2. Old documents (Tonia Silva) Secretary will hold on to the documents

3. Ads for newsletter (LeeAnn Williams) Send emails to gage interest

4. Membership fee increases (Wendy Stirnamen) (committee formed- LeeAnn, John Todd, Liliette)

New Business

1. Budget – input from the board for 2023 year (discussion)

2. Pledge (discussion) Tonia motioned to reinstate pledge John second

3. Meeting environment (discussion) Snacks and coffee Tonia motioned for an allotment of $30 per meeting, Anthony second

4. Committee to look at bylaws (Wendy Stirnamen) Committee formed with Wendy, Dan, Tonia, and Cindel

5. Events expenses for businesses (Wendy Stirnamen) Build into budget

6. Timely decision making (John Todd) By laws discussion

7. Website and social media access (discussion) board member access, (Wendy, John ,LeeAnn) Cindel motioned, Anthony second (Tonia opposed)

Other Comments or Concerns

Director Comments: Want to do something for previous board members. 

John Todd wants to extend thoughts and prayers to Stacy Bastian and mentions the CES in Vegas is a must!

Public Comments: LeeAnn Williams asked for budget for new place cards

Tonia motions $30 Cindel 2nd

Adjourn – 7:53


Future Agenda Items-

Next Meeting is February 13th ,2023 at 6:30 P.M 

Location- Depot Building 6730 Front St, Rio Linda, C.A. 95673

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