March Minutes

RLE Chamber of Commerce and Civic League

Agenda for March 13, 2023

Open Session: 6:30 PM

Call to order: 6:35

Wendy Stirnaman, President (exp 2024)         X  
Cathy Scharf, Vice President (exp 2023)        X  
Tonia Silva, Treasurer (exp 2024)        X  
Dan Welch, Director (exp 2025)       X  
Stacy Bastian, Director (exp 2025)      X  
Anthony Silva, Director (exp 2024)      X  
Liliette Freeman, Director (exp 2023)       X  
John Todd, Director (exp 2025)       X  

Text Box: AbsentText Box: ExcusedText Box: PresentRoll Call

Quorum Present: Yes


Shirley Breckenridge, Megan Schaefer, Troy Golden, Sheena McGowen, Karrie Anderson, Aron Anderson, LeeAnn Williams


President Opening Comments: Asked for audience to hold comments until the end

Approval of the prior minutes: Tonia motioned, Dan 2nd

Treasurer’s Report and approval: Dan motioned, Stacey 2nd

Old Business

1.Grant Money: beautification projects- Rain has put most of the projects on hold

2. Grant updates – Reimbursements should be in account by April

3.New logo (John Todd) – Shelf until April meeting

4. Membership fee increases (LeeAnn, John, Liliette) Presented new membership benefits. Tonia motioned, John 2nd

5.Mayors Race- Tonia motioned $700 to be spent on mayors’ tickets Anthony 2nd

6. Marketing Event- Held at parks and rec, food will be a tri tip dinner at $25 a plate, coming out of original $2500 budget

New Business

1. Vacant Seat (Wendy)- shelf until April meeting

2. 4-1 country fair event (discussion)Dan motioned $100 for vendor fees for April 1st, April 26th, and may craft fairs. Stacey 2nd

3. City map cartoon drawing (Tonia)- revisit in April

4. Business of the Month- (LeeAnn)– River Ridge Realty

5. Website management/ Stipend (John ) revisit in April

Other Comments or Concerns

Director Comments: John – Country Fair Crab dinner was great, a must go, parade had ran but it was still a great event. Stacey- Twin Rivers baseball/ Softball fields halted by rain, Rio Linda Little League opening day March 18th, vendors at the field. Tonia- Taxes in our county extended until October.

Public Comments: Troy Golden mentioned using FFA for dinners in the future.

Adjourn – 8:02 PM


Future Agenda Items-

Next Meeting is April 10th ,2023 at 6:30 P.M

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