February 2024 Minutes

RLE Chamber of Commerce and Civic League

Minutes for February 12, 2024

Open Session: 6:30 P.M.

Call to order: 6:30P.M.

Roll CallPresentAbsent
Wendy Stirnaman, President (exp 2024)X 
Cathy Scharf, Vice President (exp 2025)X 
Tonia Silva, Treasurer (exp2024)X 
Dan Welch, Director(exp2025)X 
Stacey Bastian, Director (exp 2025)X 
Anthony Silva, Director (exp 2024)X 
Liliette Freeman, Director (exp 2025)X 
John Todd, Director (exp 2025)X 
Troy Golden, Director (exp 2025)X 

                                                             Quorum Present: Yes


Steven, Meg, Riley, Sheena, LeeAnn, ViAnn

President Opening Comments: None

Approval of the prior minutes: Tonia motioned, Troy 2nd, motion passes.

Treasurer’s Report and approval:  Wendy motioned, Stacey 2nd, motion passes.

Old Business

1. City map cartoon (Committee)- progressing well

2. January business class recap(Tonia) profited $275

3. Name Tags (John) revisit in March

4. Membership plaques (Troy) Offer plaques to Gold members

New Business

  1. Business of the Month(LeeAnn)-  Mountain West Financial
  2. Membership update (LeeAnn)- 83 Members
  3. March Business Mixer- Rio Pub, March 11th, 1:00PM
  4. Zucchini fest- Grange hosting on August 10th
  5. Invoices- (Tonia) Send by mail, Dan motioned $129.58 and 100 envelopes, Anthony 2nd, motion passes.
  6. NNO Twin Rivers PD helping.
  7. Dry Creek Parkway, needs chamber Rep, Tonia motioned Stacey to be the rep, John 2nd, motion passes.

Other Comments or Concerns- none

Director Comments:  Stacey- Beautification of RLHS coming, and schools are hosting a community movie night. Dan- Grange plant sale, April 6th 9am-12pm.

Troy- acknowledged LeeAnn, and Tonia for representing Rio Linda on the news. Tonia- Grange Corned beef and cabbage dinner March 16th, Jr Grange hosting a raffle. Deb Crowe sent a card thanking the Chamber for the award.

Cathy- Lions paint night was a success. Liliette- enjoyed the craft fair and more Pittador products available at Rio Java. John- did podcast with Blue Birds Take Flight.

Public Comments: Meg-now offering dairy free frozen lemonade. Sheena- enjoyed Galentines event, and Troy is an amazing gutter guy!

Adjourn -7:45 PM


Future Agenda Items

Next Meeting is March 11, 2024, at 6:30 P.M

Location- Depot Building 6730 Front St, Rio Linda, C.A. 95673

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